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Kiss The Goodbye on ORWO Film... PRESS RELEASE

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"KISS ME GOODBYE"  shot on ORWO Film...  


Short Independent Film Completes Principal Photography in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ­ December 7, 2015 ­ Alocally­produced narrative short film, “Kiss Me Goodbye,” has wrapped after nine days of shooting. The film was shot entirely on 16mm celluloid and is a project of Kept Shut Productions, a production company founded by Brendan Sweeney and Zack Eritz, co­writers of the script.

“Shooting on film was a big thing for Pittsburgh. It’s very rare you come across someone who wants to shoot celluloid anymore. So getting a project done where we shot all celluloid, and not a hybrid with digital, was huge,” said Sweeney, who directed the film.

“Kiss Me Goodbye,” inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick and George Orwell, is a dystopian film about the last religious prophet on Earth and an all­powerful political state that controls human society.

“The film should start a conversation, not only about the political and religious topics of the story, but also about filmmaking as a practice and a passion,” said executive producer Ian Burkland. “What does it take to get an indie project of this size made? A lot of hard work, collaboration and donning of different hats.”

The independently­produced project was shot in several parts of the city throughout October and November. Shooting locations include the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum in Oakland, the Pittsburgh Musical Theater in the West End, and the historic produce terminal in the Strip District.

Fiscally sponsored by the nonprofit arts organization PF/PCA, “Kiss Me Goodbye” was made possible by private donors and was created by a local team of filmmakers and actors.

Those interested in learning more about the production can visit www.kissmegoodbyefilm.com. The film is slated to be completed in the spring, and will be submitted to film festivals nationally and internationally in 2016. 

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