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Here are just a few films in the ever-growing list that used ORWO film stock to shoot. Take note of the low-key black and white visual style in ‘The Man from London’. With the use of ORWO black and white film, the audience can feel both the growing intensity and the hidden eroticism through the shadows created with the use of black and white. This style of film is reminiscent of German Expressionist Cinematography that is nearly impossible to capture using any other kind of film stock. ‘The Temptation of St. Tony’, shot on 35 mm ORWO Black and White film, uses surrealism to tell the story of a man struggling with the purpose of life. ‘The Dream and the Silence’ received astounding reviews at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. This film is shot entirely in black and white with only two hints of color for effect. 

2012 - 'The Dream and the Silence' (post-production)
2009- 'The Temptation of St. Tony'
2007 - 'The Man from London' 


We love Feedback & Examples of ORWO film.  If you have something, please share it and we'll cite your work and contact.  Email Info@orwona.com, if you could in the subject line type "Examples",  Thanks!

No. 1

BRUNO from NO BUDGE on Vimeo.

The Black & White used on here is 16mm ORWO UN54

Shared by  www.samgoetz.com

2.  This is a beautiful shot sent in by Petr Sikora:



3.  Sent in by Goran Basaric shooting ORWO UN54, Still.  Check out more of his incredible shots here http://www.flickr.com/photos/26983280@N00/



Video is noted useing 16mm ORWO UN54 a few years ago on an old Bolex H16 with three Kern Primes... The quality refelects the cammera and the first shoot... 



Submitted by Goran Basaric, "Processing Times for Still Photography Users"

Times for processing ORWO UN-54 exposed at 100 and N-74 films exposed at 400 iso:

Kodak Xtol, 1:1, 20C
UN-54 - 8min
N-74 - 12min
Rodinal 1:50, 20C
UN-54 - 10min
N-74 - 13min
Kodak HC110 (1+3) + (1+15)
UN-54 - 7min 30sec
Inversions first 30s and then two inversions of Paterson tank each minute.
This times are just starting point for finding out you personal processing times.

Thank you Goran


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